Todd Keirstead is the Champion of Bring Back the Game []. Veterans, Amputees, Inner City Children, Mental Health clients, Physiotherapy clients and more have experienced Todd's unique perspective that anyone can play golf…

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Cliff Hageman

It was truly a family affair. Introduced to the game by his stepfather and coached by his uncle, Cliff has enjoyed everything to do with golf since he was 11 years old. Cliff and his brother would ride their bikes for miles, pulling their golf cart and bag behind, to play Beaver Island State Park Golf Course in Buffalo, NY. At 17 years old, Cliff joined the military.

Madison Borges

At 16-years old, Madison Bailey-Borges has become a celebrated athlete. She plays basketball with the Aurora Dunks and swims with the Aurora Special Ducks. Madison Bailey-Borges has Down’s Syndrome and has fallen in love with the game of golf.

Mark Spiteri

Mark joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 as an Infanteer with the Army. While serving, he participated in various duties and roles including aid to civil powers and working with the Second Airborne Commando Regiment. Later, he remustered into the Air Force as an Avionics technician.

Paul Rosen

Paul Rosen was a promising 15 year old midget AAA hockey player who dreamed of success in the NHL. In 1975, Paul suffered an injury on the ice during a tournament. His skate got caught in a rut on the ice causing his leg to break in 14 places.

Being differently abled can challenge one’s feelings of value and self-worth. Todd works to ease the concerns by recognizing how these challenges can play a role in creating mental obstacles and offsets them by promoting the belief that golf is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender or level of physical or mental ability.

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